August 5, 2020

About The Girlfriends Reboot Your Brain Weekends

Weekends in 2013

      Custom Weekends available May 2013  through September 2013

  • May 24-26
  • June 7-9                                                     Call 928-635-2034
  • June 21-23
  • July 12-14
  • July 26-28
  • August 2-4
  • August 16-18
  • August 30 – Sept 1

“Girlfriends Reinvention Weekends to Reboot Your Brain Camp!”



You are ready to go boldly into WHAT’S NEXT!!!

You may be a little tired, or discouraged or unsure or just not certain about who you are and what you really want. The economy may have you scared and feeling less than on top of your game….

For sure…. you know you could use some time without distractions… Some time to relax, reboot and re-connect with what’s important to you….not just what the world seems to expect from you.

How about…a.. just us girls weekend?

supportive circle of women to giggle  (or cry) with. A maximum of 6 at each weekend retreat.                (We can talk about more if you have a bigger group that wants to come.)

In a simple, cool setting, Carra's house,  with all your needs met for 3 days at the gateway to the Grand Canyon?

Would this work?

Totally cool!!!! Because that’s what we have in mind

Already know you want to come?   click here to register!

Who it’s really for:

This weekend for you!  Like the commercial says…you can “have it your way” and  we have planned plenty of ways if you want to really immerse yourself in a selfish (the good kind-taking care of self!) three days playing and laughing and eating and learning about how your brain works!

Come to hang out or reinvent yourself. It’s up to you!

Embracing “Cosmic Shift Happens ™”  in all aspects of life

What’s different from any other retreat or workshop out there ? .

Here’s what we aren’t going to do:

  • We aren’t going to require you do anything!
  • We aren’t going to fix you.
  • We aren’t going to force you to network & try to get business.
  • Actually, we aren’t even going pretend we have the right answers for you…. Because only you know that

This is about you and what you really need.

This is a place to unwind, slow down, reboot with today's technology for a few days and lower your shoulders and get reacquainted with yourself, your truths, and your vision.

We will  provide a place for you to renew and nurture your connection with yourself and what’s important to you, a little something for the soul along with learning some new social media venues and how to make them work for you and your voice. 

Dorothy's Shoes



So, What will you actually get out of this weekend?

  • You’ll get some nurturing and make some friends…..
  • You’ll discover where you are stuck and decide if you are ready to move beyond that.
  • You’ll get to feel joy and life and fun again–yes, that good stuff. Really and truly.
  • You’ll feel less alone. Ever feel like a round peg in a square hole? Not at this retreat! These are your people.
  • You’ll get to rest. I mean, really, really  rest. To recharge and gather strength.
  • You’ll get perspective on your projects and your life, and a clearer picture of where you want to go next.
  • You’ll get a rush of creative energy and the comfort of feeling less alone.
  • You’ll get a serious dose of surprising, wonderful courage.
  • You will FIND your voice!
  • Learn the latest social media venues, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare, hook up with hoot suite and design a social media strategy that works for you. 

*Oh, and you’ll get the pleasure of knowing that you won’t have to cook, clean, or take care of anybody else for three whole days!

Dump Truck

If you are thinking “yes, but….We understand.

Maybe you are wondering if you can afford it… but then don’t you hate it when someone says,”yes but can you afford NOT to do it?” …This weekend  can give you back some of those other dreams you’ve put on hold!

Plus, we’ve made it more affordable by giving you a $25 discount (each) if you bring a girlfriend.

And, actually, if it looks like it would be hard to arrange this…it’s even more important you do, because if you can make this work, you will start to see you can have anything you REALLY put your mind to!

Some what we’ll cover in our Girlfriend’s Reinvention Weekend

Carefully designed blocks of time where you can reboot for a weekend filled with

helpful, funny, chock-full-of-help, mini-seminars like:

  • Talking smack.
  • Finding Your Purpose.
  • Finding your voice!
  • How to turn that Inner Critic from a heckler to a helper.
  • Discovering what your true gift is!
  • How to stop beating yourself up for not being perfect!
  • Learn some of the latest social media venues and strategy of how they can work for you.


  • Daily support and a place to be heard
  • A band of allies in the women who, like you, are willing to take a risk and make time and devote resources to their  dreams–you’re going to make some dear new friends, and yes, we love the shy introverts and the outrageous extroverts: you are all embraced!
  • A take-home journal & folder of handouts to support what you’ve learned
  • Time to explore the vibrant, creative, funky environment of Arizona’s high Country

Click here to see tentative schedule

Please note arrival and departure times.

This retreat is NOT for you if:

  • You want a pampered spa weekend
  • If you want a super serious event with no laughter — women work but we laugh, too.
  • If you want to only relax — We will be guiding you through doing some “work”

The Place

This is Carra and Tom Riley's home.  Accommodations like staying at a friends home.  There are spaces to be alone and reflect.

Your fee includes lodging, Friday and Saturday. Breakfast and lunch Saturday and Sunday along with snacks and bottled water. Transportation to RT. 66 for dinner on your own or as a small group if you prefer Friday and Saturday.   Daily personal growth sessions, an optional field trip to Bearizona to talk to the animals, social media help that fits who you are.

Local Attractions

Williams Arizona

Registration Requirements – Click Here

This is a retreat for women….sorry guys!
Please come willing to giggle and reboot.

More on the Money Stuff

Cost details on the selections and payment page. Click Here

IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL (please don’t, you don’t want to miss this!)

If you cancel 30 days before your weekend we will refund all but $50 of your deposit or balance paid in full.

If you cancel after 30 days  before the weekend after paying the balance in full, and we can fill your place, we will refund everything minus $75.

All monies are due at registration.

Why do we keep $75 bucks? To keep people from signing up on a whim and taking a place, and then canceling when it comes time to pay in full. That stinks all around. Look at your schedule, truly know you want and can come, and then sign up.

About Carra

Carra Riley

Carra Riley is an author, speaker, small business and real estate consultant.  Carra’s new book in the Cosmic Cow Pie series, “Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots” includes an integrated principle-centered approach for solving problem with penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes. Her reality writing and honesty inspires the application of fourteen principles that will help anyone trying to adapt in today’s evolving world.

Carra is the President of Carra Riley Inc and CR Press.  She is a 32 year veteran in Real Estate and has owned offices in Colorado and Hawaii. She and her husband Tom owned two Incredible Machine businesses in Lake Tahoe, CA and Estes Park, CO.  One of Carra’s latest projects is an e-book co-authored with Joeann Fossland utilizing a crowd source format called “Cosmic Shift Happens™.” She has four children’s e-workbooks co-authored with Karen Connell to help parents teach "coping skills" to their children. She has just returned from a journey around the globe and the next book in the Cosmic Cow Pie series is “Cosmic Cow Pie.. Connecting The Dots Around The World”. You will get a sneak peak at some of the "global lessons" that were inspired by the world. 

Carra consults with small business owners and individuals to help navigate through today’s Cow Pies as the Cosmic Shift Happens™.

What people are saying about Carra:

“Carra follows through on every detail that she recommended to begin my marketing networks. She has the energy of an entire support group. I recommend her to anyone willing to expand their horizons.”

Jackie Pias Carlin,  Maui Hawaii Writer.

Linda Benningfield Small Business Owner

Lexus and foursquare

Foursquare facebook meet up

Karen Mc Donald, social media and Carra Riley

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Questions? Concerns?

What??? We didn’t answer EVERYTHING???? Just kidding  :>))))

If you have more questions or want to schedule a time to talk to see if this is right retreat for you,  please email with your request or questions. I am happy to talk about whatever you need to be sure this is the right retreat for you. Really, no question is too weird or personal. I want you to cherish our time together–we want it to be truly magical.

Very warmest aloha,